failing shingles

The shingles are like your home’s skin or hair and protect the interior and the exterior alike from a broad array of problems. Unfortunately, shingles can also fall off after a while and cause real issues that are hard to manage. As a result, you should talk to the best experts for roof repair in Cedar Rapids, Marion, Hiawatha, and North Liberty, Iowa to get help. At HQ Home Maintenance, we provide the kind of installation and repair help and advice that will ensure your home is protected for years to come.

Poor Installation

The most common cause of shingle failure is probably inadequate installation procedures. While shingles are by no means hard to add to a roof, many people don’t quite know how to handle this process. Typically, poor installation occurs if a homeowner tries to add shingles to their roof on their own. This problem can occur if they try to install shingles when the roof is being added or during roof repair procedures. Unfortunately, they’re likely to make mistakes that cause some failure.

These include placing the nails too high up on the shingle and above the nail strip. This strip is designed to be strong enough to hold the shingle on the roof for years and is placed there for a guide to help people install shingles properly. Unfortunately, some may not understand the purpose of the strip or nail just a bit improperly and cause complications with their shingle placement.

That’s why professional installation or roof repair is such an essential part of this process. Homeowners need to call experts to manage this situation for them to ensure that they get it done correctly. In many cases, it is possible to get somebody to show you how to install shingles and to walk you through the process. However, you are probably still better off having somebody do it for you to minimize the risk of mistakes.

Age is Also a Real Factor

Roofs are like any other part of your home – they have a natural age limit that will eventually expire. However, your roof won’t suddenly fall apart once it hits a certain age. Instead, it will – much like a person – slowly start to fail in small ways. For example, asphalt shingles often have a nasty habit of beginning to fall off after the roof this around 10-15 years of age, but may last until about 20.

This failure is a natural element of roof repair because your shingles will start to fall off with or without input from you. That’s because the nail strip or the nails themselves begin to fail and let the shingles slide off the roof and to the ground. As a result, you need to either start spot-repairing the fallen shingles with new ones or get a completely new installation of shingles on the roof.

Which direction should you take here? That all depends on the state of the rest of your roof. In some situations, you may be able to avoid complete replacement if the rest of your roof needs a little maintenance. However, this process can also be a bit of a waste of time because your roof will eventually need to be wholly replaced. Therefore, you should talk to a roofing professional to learn more.

Other Types of Roof Damage

Unfortunately, failing shingles may be a sign of more substantial damage throughout the rest of your roof. The type of damage that it may experience to cause this problem will vary depending on the underlying material. For example, rust on a metal roof can spread to nails and make them fail. When this happens, shingles may start to fall off a roof in droves. This problem is a significant one for many reasons.

Even more likely, though, soft materials – such as wood or plywood – may rot due to water exposure and end up leaving shingles no choice but to fall off. An underlying rotting roof will also cause leaks that can rapidly spread throughout a home and become a real issue. This problem is one less likely to occur with underlying plastic materials but may still happen in some circumstances as well.

As a result, homeowners must do what they can to avoid this danger. Various types of roof repair techniques can help, especially if the roof is getting close to entirely aging out. However, it is also possible to replace shingles and the roofing underlayment, if necessary, to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible. Pay attention to this facet to ensure that your shingles stay as secure as possible for your needs.

Storms When a Roof Fails to Set

Unfortunately, you may even notice shingles failing on a roof that you just installed. This problem often occurs because a storm impacts a home while the roof shingles are still setting. Few people understand that their shingles need some time to properly settle and set before they are strong enough to withstand various types of weather damage. As a result, they install them when storms are on the horizon.

Typically, it would help if you waited at least 4-6 weeks before your shingles have fully settled on the roof of a home. So try to find the time when the sun will be out for at least a month before you install shingles. Of course, finding this time is often quite hard because predicting weather that far ahead of time is nearly impossible. However, installing during the middle of summer may be the right choice, as this is the driest and hottest part of the year.

And if for any reason, you do lose shingles on your roof, most roof repair experts will replace them for you free of charge. However, there is usually a time limit on this installation and maintenance. Typically, you’ll only get them to help you out in this scenario if they worked on your roof in the last few months. Check the warranty for your installation to make sure that it covers this type of repair for at least a year after your new roof is added.

Don’t Forget to Get Help

As you can see, shingle failure is a problem that can occur for many reasons. If you aren’t sure what is happening and want help from the best roof repair in Cedar Rapids, Marion, Hiawatha, and North Liberty, Iowa, please contact us at HQ Home Maintenance. Our professionals have years of experience in this field and will do what it takes to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible for you.

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