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The best roof repair Cedar Rapids, Marion, Hiawatha, and North Liberty, Iowa has to offer can ensure that your home is protected from various types of roof damage. However, roofing experts may make mistakes that often seem quite small but which can add up to a significant problem. The following errors may be the most common but are – thankfully – not that hard to fix correctly.

Ignoring the Ice and Water Shield – A Common Mistake

When repairing or installing a new roof, many homeowners will make the mistake of not adding or ignoring the ice and water shield on their home. These shields are now a standard practice that has become essential for sealing off roof eaves during roof repair methods. However, you may utilize a standard underlayment, or your installation expert may do so, thinking that this is all that you need.

Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. Ice and water shields have become standard because they offer a more sturdy level of protection and a stronger level of the overall water seal. They are typically quite easy to install, as well, which is what makes their lack such a problem. If your contractor did not add an ice and water shield during a repair, you need to add one yourself to keep your roof safe.

Thankfully, this shouldn’t require more than a few hours on a lazy afternoon to properly manage. You may also want to contact a professional if you aren’t sure how to perform this repair. High-quality expert roofers can get on top of your home and add an ice and water shield to ensure your repairs are reliable. So make sure that you seek out someone who understands these repairs and can do them for you.

Weak Pipe Collars – A Money-Saving Technique Gone Wrong

The rooftop vents on your home are necessary for getting rid of gas and excess heat from bathrooms and kitchens. These ventilation pipes require a high-quality pipe collar to keep them secure and protected from leaks. However, some roof repair experts may use low-quality collars or install them poorly. This problem is a repair issue that can become a more persistent concern if you don’t get it managed.

For example, they may not nail down the collar properly or may not make it as flush with the pipe as possible. Whatever the reason for this failure – usually being rushed at the end of the day or trying to finish quickly – you, as the homeowner, suffer. Typically, a loose or poorly-installed pipe collar can trigger leaks that damage your roof and which are hard to identify without professional help.

The trick for this problem is a little harder to manage than some fixes. You may have to get on the roof after a repair to see if the collars are loose. You should also stress to the repair experts that you want to make sure that they are reliable and held down tightly. Often, this will let them know that you are expecting a specific result and focuses them on providing it to you quickly and reasonably.

Caulking Failure – A Potentially Damaging Issue

Caulk is an excellent repair tool that can provide many benefits for your roof repair, such as holding down shingles, fixing small leaks, and much more. However, caulk is something that has limitations, just like any item, and you or your repair experts may make the mistake of using roof caulk to waterproof an area or a shingle. This mistake is understandable but can be catastrophic.

For example, caulking is affected by weather and temperature changes in ways that you might not realize. It will expand and contract in warm and cold weather. Though these changes may be quite minor in some cases, they can still cause persistent and severe damage. For example, cracks may occur around caulk that lets in water and other damaging elements.

As a result, you need to seek out genuinely waterproof sealants when fixing a roof. These typically exist in a variety of repair shops and can be purchased for a reasonable price. You also need to make sure that you install a flashing system that protects against this type of damage. Flashing is necessary because it helps to keep water from getting in and under your shingles and ensures that things go smoothly for you.

Poor Roof Construction – Adding Wrong Layers is Bad

People may think that a roof is a relatively simple thing to repair or may not consider the full construction of the roof when getting roof repair done. This mistake is a common one simply because people don’t understand the complete build of a roof. There is much more to a roof than shingles, and it is easy to make a mistake that damages these other layers.

For example, you may only focus on the shingles and fail to repair the underlayment or other areas on the roof. You may also lay the layers down improperly, which is a massive problem that will make your roof even more damaged. This situation is one that usually requires a professional to properly manage because they can figure out where you want wrong and fix the problem for you more easily.

Working with a professional roofer is a smart choice because these individuals will examine where you went wrong on your roof fixes and find out what layering mistakes you may have made. With their help, you will get a better insight into why your roof is struggling and will find out how to fix it without having to pay too much money. That’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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