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    Siding Replacement Hiawatha

    Which Siding Replacement Choice is Right for You

    You’re looking for the best siding replacement Hiawatha, Iowa has to offer and aren’t sure which is right for you. The following four options are among the most popular from which you can choose.

    The Benefits of Brick

    Brick exterior siding is not quite as common as it once was in many parts of the nation. However, brick remains an exciting and attractive option for several reasons. First of all, brick produces a natural and traditional look that makes it one of the more organic styles of siding replacement. You can’t get the same kind of down-home and rustic look with any other type of siding.

    Since brick is solid, it should resist most types of damage quite well. This durability makes brick a good choice for those who live in areas with bad winters or sunny summers. Just as importantly, brick is made out of natural materials. As a result, they are easy to recycle and can help you cut back on your green footprint. And they are quite good as insulating a home, too.

    Lastly, brick can be added to a home for little cost compared to some types. You can even add faux brick to your house if you want to cut the costs even more. Ultimately, the choice falls on you, but make sure that you research everything properly before choosing. There’s a good chance that your choice could be wrong if your home is in a more upbeat or modern area of a city or neighborhood.

    The Benefits of Fiber-Cement

    Although fiber-cement isn’t the most common type of siding replacement on the market, it does have a variety of benefits and useful advantages. For example, it mimics the look of wood siding in a way that makes it a little cheaper and more durable. Just as importantly, fiber-cement cannot catch on fire, resists water damage, and will also prevent animals and pests from invading your home.

    As a result, fiber-cement is a very safe and reliable type of home siding. Even better, you can paint or stain this material to make it look like other types of siding. So if you want a slightly more expensive type and you don’t want to pay that much money, you can go with fiber-cement. And since maintenance isn’t that complex, you can keep it looking great for a lot longer than some other types.

    A few problems that you might experience with this siding are mostly related to the weight of the material. Simply put, it weighs more than wood and other types of siding options. As a result, installation experts often have a harder time putting it on a home. This results in longer installation times, which drives the price of this siding higher than other types like it on the market.

    The Benefits of Metal

    In the past, metal was used mostly for industrial buildings and various types of factories because it was very resistant and protected these facilities from a broad array of damage. However, a growing number of homes are using this siding replacement option for a multitude of reasons. First of all, metal will protect your home from various insects and pests by being impossible to chew compared to other items.

    Like fiber-cement, this siding is resistant to fire and weather damage, though is not entirely protected from problems like rust. This siding is also resistant to rot, which may wear down other more natural types of siding. Since the metal surface reflects sunlight and doesn’t absorb it, there is a good chance that your cooling bills will go down in the summer in a significant way.

    However, this benefit is an issue during the winter because your home won’t absorb as much sunlight. As a result, you’ll need to add more insulation if you plan on using this type of material. There is a reason that it was primarily prevalent in industrial and commercial sectors – it isn’t cheap. Though not as expensive as fiber-cement, metal siding can put you back a bit if you aren’t careful.

    The Benefits of Engineered Wood

    Lastly, you can choose engineered wood as your preferred siding replacement option. This material has many benefits that you can’t get from other siding options. For example, engineered wood is mostly made out of high-quality wood, which gives it a natural style that is perfect for many homes. And its wood grain looks better than other wood alternatives, making this a great choice.

    However, this type of siding also utilizes a variety of chemical additives to make it stronger and more resistant to problems like weathering, rotting, and pest destruction. As a result, you can make a wood-style home that will last years longer than a typical option. Since this material is among the cheapest on the market, you can get that look for a fraction of the average cost.

    Like with all materials, though, there are a few downsides that you have to consider. Chief among these is the inability to paint or stain the wood. Simply put, adding these items to the engineered timber will compromise their integrity, which means that you’re stuck with whatever grain of wood you purchase. So make sure that you genuinely want that tone before you buy or you might be disappointed.

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