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    Siding Repair North Liberty

    Common Issues that Affect the Integrity of Your Siding

    A variety of issues can quickly impact your home’s siding and cause damage that may put your home at risk of more serious destruction. These common issues make North Liberty, Iowa siding repair more complex and often require the help of a professional to manage. Thankfully, fully understanding these concerns can help you not only predict them but provide your home with protection by taking care of these problems while they’re minor.

    Issues with Pests

    Although many types of siding are affected profoundly by pests, wood is probably the most impacted. That’s because termites will quickly destroy a significant portion of wood shingles and cause other problems with its construction. Other pests – such as powder post beetles – can also bore through wood and may cause issues with shingles. However, even asphalt shingles may be affected by some pests.

    For example, birds may trigger may problems with siding repair that makes it harder to protect your home. These issues include concerns such as damage to the surface of the siding caused by bird fecal matter, birds pecking at the surface of the siding, and much more. Some birds may even run into siding if they fly too fast and cause cracks in the surface that may make repairs and other procedures more difficult.

    Thankfully, there are a variety of ways to avoid this problem if you’re smart. First of all, you can apply various types of pesticides to the surface of the siding to keep away these vermin. You can also contact animal control experts to get rid of birds, squirrels, raccoons, and other pests that may affect your siding. These steps help to make repairs easier to handle by avoiding other complications.

    Ignoring Maintenance Needs

    In some cases, homeowners are often the worst enemies of their home’s siding because they don’t perform enough inspection and maintenance on their home. For example, a bad winter storm could cause damage that requires inspection and siding repair to maintain. And similar high winds and spring storms could also cause complications that may seem minor but which become serious as time passes.

    Even worse, you may not have a professional come to your home every year – at least once or twice during this time – to get your siding checked. In many cases, there may be reasonably small issues that affect its surface that is easy to miss. For example, you may not notice tiny cracks in your siding that a repair professional would see quickly and fix efficiently.

    So make sure that you pay attention to your siding and contact a professional for periodic maintenance. While you could do some of this maintenance yourself – such as cleaning the surface with a power washer or adding paint and sealant – having an expert do all of these steps make sure that everything goes smoothly and helps eliminate the risk of more common concerns.

    Water Getting Into Your Siding

    Siding is a vital protection element for your home because it is designed to work as a protective skin. For example, it will keep moisture from getting on your walls and seeping into other areas of the home. However, your siding may end up easily getting damaged if you aren’t careful and cause excessive moisture. Even sustained high levels of humidity can be a problem in this situation.

    For example, high winds and rain may cause a crack in your siding that lets the water soak into its surface. At this point, the water will likely expand throughout your siding and cause it to warp and become harder to stick to the surface of your home. Even worse, you may end up with panels that fall off your home and expose your house to even higher levels of moisture-related damage.

    The frustrating thing about this siding repair problem is that you often don’t notice any issues until it is too late. As a result, you should contact professionals to inspect your siding after every serious storm. Though this may seem excessive, some siding experts provide these services for free and only charge if you they need to do repairs or replace any siding. These benefits make these inspections a critical choice.

    Siding is designed to keep moisture out. When damaged, sometimes in ways you can’t even see, moisture becomes a severe issue, regardless of what type you have on your home. The tell-tale signs of moisture affecting your siding and your home are when you see warping and buckling.

    Sunlight Fading Your Colors

    Lastly, your home’s siding may start to fade in color due to excessive exposure to sunlight. This problem is one that can be hard to avoid because the sun is so common during most months of the year. When your siding fades, your home will be less attractive and lose some of its appeal to others.

    While fading is mostly an aesthetic problem, it can also be a more pressing concern in some situations. For example, fading colors may eventually lead to damage to the siding that lets in various types of weathering issues. Even worse, you may end up looking less attractive in your neighborhood and decrease your home’s value.

    Unfortunately, the only real siding repair solution that makes sense in this situation is a complete replacement. You may be able to paint your siding to enhance their color a little, but this process is ultimately a bandage on a serious issue. Replace your siding, and your home will look immediately better.

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    As you can see, siding repair in North Liberty, Iowa is nowhere near as complex as you may have thought. Therefore, you need to do what you can to ensure that you get the most help out of this process that you can get. So please contact us at High Quality (HQ) Home Maintenance to learn more.

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