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    Roof Repair Hiawatha

    Is Your Roof Leaking? Try This Trick to Find Out Where

    The best roof repair Hiawatha, Iowa has to offer focuses on finding problems quickly and efficiently and ensuring that your leaks are fully repaired. However, you’ve had trouble identifying where your leak begins, and you aren’t sure what you can do. In this situation, you should follow this simple diagnostic method to determine where your leak starts and to make fixing it much easier to handle.

    Find A Great Garden Hose

    The first step in this roof repair and diagnosis process is to find a high-quality hose that you can haul up to the top of your roof. Typically, you’re going to want a hose that is at least 30-50 feet because this helps to ensure that you can cover your whole roof. Importantly, you should have someone helping you out with handling the hose because they can make sure that you don’t trip or get tangled up in the hose as you work on the roof.

    In this situation, you may also want a machine that controls the speed of the hose as you pull it from the ground and up to the roof. These machines wrap up the hose and allow you to control its movement and speed either by pulling on it or with a handle right on the machine. You’ll need a worker down at the hose machine if necessary to ensure that the hose flow is as simple as possible as you work.

    The hose attachment on the front doesn’t matter that much for this job. However, you should avoid any that limits the water spray. In essence, you want to get as much water on your roof as possible to diagnose your leak issues. However, you also want to have an attachment that does allow you to focus the spray. As a result, you need to be smart with the attachment and should find one that meets your needs without costing too much money at the same time.

    Investigate the Roof Before You Spray

    Once you’ve got the hose that you want and a few people to help out, climb up to the top of your house to begin this roof repair method. Before you start spraying, though, you are going to carefully inspect your shingles and roofing to get an idea of where the leak may originate. This process requires you to look across the surface of the roof for loose shingles, missing nails, and other problematic areas that may cause leaks.

    Don’t worry if these areas are nowhere near the leak’s point inside of your home. Remember, leaks can begin in many weird places and spread rapidly without warning. So you are probably going to want to spray your whole roof throughout this process to ensure that you catch the leak. However, you need to break up your spraying routines into several zones that spread throughout the top of your house in a concentrated and straightforward manner.

    The zones should be broken up depending on the shape and size of your roof and should be roughly equal whenever possible. You’ll be spraying these zones with your hose and concentrating your water there with each spraying application. Only one zone at a time will be sprayed because this helps to ensure that you can isolate the leak location and find it more quickly than you would if you sprayed the whole roof at once instead.

    Using the Hose on Your Zones

    Now that you’ve broken your roof off into appropriate-sized zones, you are ready to spray water on it to find the leak. This process is a relatively simple one, but requires you to be very safe. For example, you should have at least one other person on the roof handling the hose – as suggested – and you both must be wearing roof shoes to help make your climbs and walks safer. You should also wear safety goggles and gloves to protect yourself even further.

    Now, spray water on a roof zone and make sure to thoroughly soak the area as much as possible. The speed of the hose should be limited because excessive spray pressure may cause the water to fly off the roof instead of pooling. You want to get the water to pool in this situation because this will help to isolate the source of the leak more efficiently and help make the job a lot easier for you and roofing experts.

    While you perform this simple roof repair and diagnostic method, someone should be in the house watching the leak to see if it starts flowing. Wait at least 30 minutes after you add the water to check for water flow. If you don’t see any water coming from the leak, spray another zone and repeat this process until the hole starts to flow. At this point, the real fun begins, and you can identify the real leak source even better.

    Pinpointing the Leak Origin

    When you start the next step in this roof repair technique, you need to diagnose where your leak problems originate. For example, you should look for loose shingles, missing nails, broken sealant, issues around your chimney, and other problems that could trigger leaks in your home. These common issues typically develop in a way that spreads them rapidly throughout your house and which can compile together and become a severe issue. As a result, you need to make sure that you spend the time properly investigating your roof to spot any concerns.

    This step does require you to get down on your hands and knees to find problematic areas on your roof. You may want to invest in knee pads and thicker gloves to ensure that you don’t hurt yourself while inspecting your roof. Just as importantly, you should have more than one person checking the potential leak area to ensure everything goes more smoothly. And, please, wait for the roof to thoroughly dry before you try this step.

    Help is Available

    Though you may be able to handle some types of leak repairs without the best services for roof repair Hiawatha, Iowa has to offer, you should still call a professional to do the real leaks. We at High Quality (HQ) Home Maintenance can help you in this situation because we fully understand not only how to diagnose the origin of holes but can also fix them in a way that ensures your home is protected.

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