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    Roof Leak Repair Hiawatha

    Common Issues Requiring Roof Leak Repair

    The roof on a home should provide high-quality protection that keeps wind, rain, and precipitation away from you and your family. However, common issues with this part of the house may make Hiawatha, Iowa roof leak repair necessary. Thankfully, you may be able to spot these common problems before they become severe and get repairs done that ensure your home is protected.

    Issue One: Flashing Cracks

    The flashing on your roof consists of thin pieces of metal that go underneath your shingles and on the joints of your roof. They are designed to resist water and to protect your home from leaks and other problems. Unfortunately, many roof leak repair procedures focus on this part of your roof because it is so essential to its leak protection and so commonly affected by various types of construction issues.

    For example, cracks in your flashing may occur in extreme weather conditions, with heat causing the sealant to expand. This sealant is usually tar, which can erode over time and cause your flashing to get exposed to wind and rain. Unfortunately, all of that weather can wear away the surface of the flashing through rust and may cause water to flow through your roof destructively.

    Thankfully, flashing is typically one of the easiest problems to fix on your roof. Simply find the old flashing, pry up the nails holding it down, and remove shingles that are affected. You can then add new flashing and nail down the old shingles or new ones to achieve a positive effect. Most people should be able to handle this process on their own, but others may need some help.

    Issue Two: Poor Valley Sealing

    The valleys on your roof are often the most commonly-affected spots that experience the worst wear and tear on your roof. Simply put, they are likely to collect a large amount of water, snow, ice, and other weather types due to their dip. However, the valley of a roof is also commonly where two planes come together, which includes a multitude of slopes and which may leave the roof open to problematic leaks.

    For example, roof leak repair experts often discover wet spots along the seams of the roof valley that have worn down due to sustained exposure. This problem occurs on the sealing because it may not have been appropriately prepared or cracked during the installation process. Whatever the cause, this issue is one that may most often lead to leaks in many people’s homes.

    Thankfully, you can fix this issue if you contact a professional and have them do simple repairs for you. Doing these kinds of repairs on your own is typically not a good idea. The problems associated with valleys and their sealant generally are a bit too complicated for most homeowners to handle on their own. And making a mistake will likely trigger worse issues that will only make your leak that much worse.

    Issue Three: Broken or Cracked Shingles

    When it comes to leak causes, few are more evident than broken or cracked shingles. Most roof leak repair experts – and even homeowners – can look up at a roof and spot problems with shingles. These issues can vary from small cracks in the surface to full breaks that compromise the strength of the shingle. Even worse, it may work itself loose and expose your roof to a multitude of weathering issues.

    However, broken shingles are a problem that many homeowners may ignore because they don’t think it is a severe issue. This perception couldn’t be less accurate. A broken or cracked shingle is likely to work itself loose over several weeks or even months. When this happens, your roof is going to suffer, and you may also see leaks get worse or spread rapidly throughout your home.

    Fixing this problem is one that you can handle on your own. Simply get on your roof and pry off the problematic shingles and replace them with new ones. A simple pry bar, a new set of shingles, a hammer, and nails is all you need to finish this job. Make sure that you use at least four nails when adding the new roofing to your home. And recycle any damaged materials to protect the environment.

    Issue Three: Ice Dam Dangers

    Lastly, many roof leak repair procedures start due to the danger of ice dams on homes. These situations develop on a home if the heat from the attic in your house causes some of the snow to melt on your roof. In this situation, the water starts to run and eventually freezes again into ice. These dams often buildup heavily over the winter season and can sit on your roof until nearly the spring.

    Ice dams are problematic for a variety of reasons. First of all, they can damage your roof over some time and are often hard to see. As a result, they may sit on top of your house for the whole winter and do severe damage. Unfortunately, they can also be a safety issue if they do break because a large amount of snow, water, and ice will fall and could hit you or somebody else outside the home.

    Thankfully, ice dams are relatively easy to fix if you know how to spot them. When you have a lot of snow on your roof and it doesn’t seem to want to fall, you probably have an ice dam. Take a roof rake – commonly found at many hardware stores – and reach up as high as you can to remove snow and ice from the roof edge. If you can see an ice dam, place ice melt on the ice to break it apart safely.

    Trust Our Expert Experience

    As you can see, the best Hiawatha, Iowa roof leak repair starts with you diagnosing the problem and contacting a professional as soon as possible. Call us at High Quality (HQ) Home Maintenance if you notice any issues that may lead to leaks. You should also call us if you develop a leak and aren’t sure where it originated, as we can both diagnose and fix this problem quickly and efficiently.

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