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    Tips and Tricks That Make Plumbing Services Go Smoothly

    The best Cedar Rapids, Iowa plumbing services require you to fully understand a variety of simple steps and fixes to ensure that everything runs smoothly. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the best of these tips and tricks for you to read. Make sure that you fully understand each of these methods and that you have the necessary tools to ensure you don’t make any simple mistakes.

    Reheating Your Solder

    One of the toughest parts of any plumbing repairs is trying to disconnect a soldered pipe. These pipes even cause problems with professional plumbing services because they are so toughly held together and often a real struggle to get apart. While you can always cut off the pipe using various plumbing tools, there are situations in which you may not be able to cut the pipe and may be in a tight spot.

    For example, you may not own any pipe cutting tools but need to get a soldered pipe out of your plumbing area as soon as possible. Or, perhaps, you can’t fit the cutting tool into the area where the pipes are located. As a result, you may need to take another approach. One of the easiest is to reheat the solder on the pipe to make it loose, which should allow you to remove the pipe more efficiently.

    There are a few ways you can approach this step. A focused blow torch often provides the best heating ability because you can press the flame right where you want it on the solder. Once the solder starts to run like a liquid, you should wipe it away with a wet rag to keep it from hardening again. Wear a glove while you perform this step to protect yourself. And, importantly, make sure to remove all the solder before you try to remove the pipe.

    Managing Annoying Shutoffs

    The shutoff valves in your home need to operate correctly to ensure that your plumbing works efficiently and to minimize any complications. However, the shutoffs often have a terrible tendency to fail, no matter what kind of plumbing services you hire. This situation typically develops because these valves sit for extended periods without being used, which can cause complications that make them hard to run.

    In this scenario, you may want to either replace or repair the valve but have no idea how to do it properly and want to avoid any complications that could make your valves work even more poorly. Thankfully, you have a unique option in that many valves can be piggybacked with new valves to ensure that you get the water control that you need if your plumbing runs into any major operational concerns.

    For example, you can hook a new shutoff valve to your line and disconnect the old line and add a new one in its place to immediately get positive results. This process is one that most homeowners should be able to handle, as long as they know how to use various types of wrenches. You also need to make sure you get the right-sized valve and lines to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible for this challenging situation.

    Wet Vacs for Clog Situations

    Clogs are one of the most common issues that plumbing services have to manage, which is often a costly situation for some homeowners. Simply put, you probably have the skills and the tools needed to repair a clog at home without calling an expert. However, many people either don’t try hard enough or don’t understand a few of the most common ways to break up clogs in a home’s plumbing system.

    For example, a powerful wet vac is a surprisingly effective way to manage a very tough clog. These vacuums are designed to suck up a large amount of liquid and will ensure that your clog is broken up and destroyed in your line. Place the wet vac on top of the pipe or drain where the clog originated and run it as low power. Increase the power as necessary to provide the suction to destroy the clog.

    In many situations, the power of the wet vac will shake and disrupt the clog well enough that it will break up and fall down the drain or end up in the vacuum. Typically, you want to wait several minutes when performing this technique to ensure that you get the results you want. In some situations, you may have to wait for quite some time before the clog breaks up. If it doesn’t, you probably need professionals to help out.

    Proper Thread Tape Use

    Lastly, you need to fully understand how to use thread tape before you call any plumbing services professional. Thread tape is essentially what its name suggests: a tape that you put on pipe threads to ensure that they are sealed. This tape provides a myriad of benefits that make it an excellent choice for many unique situations. However, you need to make sure that you use it properly to avoid complications.

    For example, you should try to find thicker tape – usually pink for water pipes and yellow for gas pipes – because it is easier to use, apply, and remove. It also tears more easily than thinner tape. Importantly, you also need to know where to place thread tape, as not all pipes should use it. For example, any areas that use a lot of compression force shouldn’t use thread tape because it may not be strong enough for your needs.

    Importantly, you always need to wrap the tape clockwise to avoid issues when you try to put the joints together on your plumbing. Though you can cover the tape as many times around the threads as you want, most jobs should need no more than three wraps. Any more than that and you’re likely coating the threads too slowly and could cause the threads to fail to connect correctly. This issue will cause leaks and other complications.

    Proper Professional Help is Wise

    The best tip that you can get is to always work with professionals if you need high-quality plumbing services in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. If you contact us at High Quality (HQ) Home Maintenance, you will find experts who fully understand how to repair your plumbing and who will work hard to ensure that you don’t run into any complications, such as a burst pipe, that could upset how your plumbing operates.

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