If you’re like most people, as temperatures drop you tend to turn up the heat in your home. It’s only natural to want to be comfortable in your own home. The unintended consequence of this is that your home looks more attractive to pests who are also seeking shelter from the chill of winter. So what can you do to fortify your home against pest damage this winter?

Seal Cracks Outside Your Home

If pests have a harder time getting in your home, they’re less likely to damage it. As such, it’s a good idea to seal any cracks on your home’s exterior. Check areas like your foundation, siding, and along the window frames. Window frames, especially those made from wood can be a weak point in your home’s defenses that leave you exposed to potential pest invasions. Seal cracks in your window frames if you notice them there. While you’re at it, check on your door frames and fix those too if needed.

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Use In-Wall Pest Control

In-wall pest control is a method that is best installed during the construction of a home or during a major remodel. This is because it is a system that is situated within the actual walls of your home behind the drywall. It allows pest control chemicals to be sent from an outdoor service port to the rest of the system, distributed through perforations in the tubing. In-wall pest control is safer to use than injected chemicals. This lends itself to a greater degree of convenience, since you won’t have to vacate the premises while pest control chemicals are being applied.

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Perform Thorough Cleanings Regularly

Pests are attracted to all sorts of things in your home. Garbage, dirty dishes, spilled food, and unsealed containers are just some of the things that can entice pests into your house. They need food, water, and shelter, just like every other living thing. Regularly cleaning your home thoroughly makes it less likely that pests will see your home as a source of food, which makes it less attractive as a shelter. Focus on areas of your home that are more likely to be the source of pest invasion.

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Protecting your home against pest damage isn’t just a task for warm weather. Pests will want to take shelter in your home to get out of the cold. To prevent this, seal the cracks outside of your home and use in-wall pest control. Don’t forget to do regular cleanings throughout your home as well. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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